October 27, 2015

Week Seven - Mother

I stopped posting because i got caught up with some stuff but i am going to continue posting randomly starting from week seven, mother.

Hope you enjoy! (:

- Sarah Zacharias 

February 16, 2015

Mother - Sun Flower Love

Week Seven:

As some of you may know, I don't live in the same city as my mom. Instead of capturing someone else's mother I thought I would do a throw back and show you one of my favourite pictures of my mom and I. Yes, that bubbled glasses cutie is me. :)

Happy Family Day Everyone!


Shadow - My Little One

Week Six:

Even though the days are getting longer and the sun is out shining bright, I still chose to go a different route and capture this little girl laying in the window sun. She is my everything, my cuddle buddy, my annoying alarm clock and my shadow wherever I go. Love you Maycee May.


February 2, 2015

Black and White - Week Four

week four: 

Sarah Zacharias

Sarah Zacharias 

Extremely sorry for all my uploads being late, but i am going to get myself back on track! 

February 1, 2015

Laughing - True Love

Week Five:

Had a great visit with my grandparents today before their big cruise. They were also nice enough to help me with a school project. Thanks guys, I love you!

Also this is the final catch up post!! Im on track now for the project and I plan to keep it like that. Sarah, you better keep it up too. 

- Shelby

Black and White - The Simple

Week Four:

"I just want the simple."
- Shelby

January 23, 2015

Week Three - Colour



January 22, 2015

Colour - Or Lack of

Week Three:

My take on colour in the city these days. I also took some pictures that I wanted to add just below.


January 16, 2015

Week Two - Additions

Week Two:

                                                                                                                                        -Sarah Zacharias

                                                                                                                                        -Sarah Zacharias

Here are some additional pictures from week two, Thank you again to my model Amanda Yeo.

Enjoy, :)

Wet - Broken Places

Week Two: 

"The world breaks everyone and afterward 
many are stronger at the broken places." 
- Ernest Hemingway
Shelby Guthrie,

January 15, 2015

Week Two - Wet

week two :

      Here is my week two post "wet" for our 52x2 photo challenge. Huge thanks to my model Amanda Yeo!

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"
-Milton Berle

    -Sarah Zacharias

January 14, 2015

The Beginning - Self Portrait

Week One: 

My little sister, Sarah Zacharias and I have decided to challenge ourselves this year and start a photo blog together called The 52x2 Project. We have created a list of themes for each week of the year 2015 and want to share it with you guys. It was a late idea of ours therefore we are getting started later than we should. 

The first week we have chosen to do a self portrait called The Beginning as this is a new chapter and project for us and we want to look back and see our progress in not only ourselves but as photographers too. 

Sarah is my 15 year old little sister living in Winnipeg and I am a 22 year old living in Toronto. I am in my 3rd year as a photo major at OCAD U and I am doing this to not only bond with my sister through photography but to also get those creative juices flowing for future projects. I am also helping Sarah out with her photography as I know she is a very talented kid and this will help challenge her and shoot more. 

The Beginning - Shelby Guthrie

The Beginning - Sarah Zacharias

Yes, that is my LITTLE sister if you can believe it! Also just wanted to add that all my work will be done and posted by me and as will hers. Give us feedback, leave us a comment or share it will a friend. Hope you stick around each week to see what the new theme is and what we both create. It will be funny to see how similar we think. So excited to get this started and to share it will everyone.